Budget tip – Get the outfit

Our sport is a lot of fun but it’s also expensive! Riding clothes itself for example: a simple pair of breeches easily cost €80 (if not more), same goes for a winter jacket. We started exploring the market and found some great outfits for little money. Here in Europe Decathlon is a big player in sports equipment. We found some pretty items and put together a complete look for less than €70 impotenzastop.it!

Breeches: €19.99

If you’re looking for a trendy pair of breeches, click here! This pair comes in 2 colors, burgundy and grey. They fit comfortable and soft, you could compare them with a pair of leggings. The breeches don’t have any fancy embroidery so don’t expect anything flashy. These are simple, comfortable yet trendy breeches.

Jacket: €29,99 / Shirt: €16,99 / Hoodie: €19,99
Decathlon offers the complete look. Their pieces are light to wear yet they offer proper protection for wind and bad weather conditions.
Our opinion: good quality for a great price!
Want to know more about the jacket, shirt or hoodie? They are all linked ?.


Inspo by: https://pumpsenpaarden.nl/