In and around Sentower Park Opglabbeek

Sentower Park is designed as a multi-purpose park of about 10 hectares. There are five Business Units – Riding School, Hotel/Restaurant, Sales, Service and Health, which form the unique concept and structure of the organization. Needless to say the venue is more than an equestrian centre. It is a park with a multi-functional dimension where besides professional and recreational riders, businesspeople, tourists, walkers and cyclists as well as ordinary visitors are most welcome.

Besides their spacious arena’s you will find an on-site restaurant, a tack shop, a fitness center and even a fashion boutique. Other than these “fixed” shops you will find more boutiques during the show like the cheerful Molly Manuel or a delicious food tent with burgers and pancakes by Johan.

The tack shop is being operated by Chris Emmers from Emmers Equestrian horse supplies.
Emmers is about passion for horses. They make sure you can find everything you need in the shop. Not only do they offer a wide range of equestrian products, they also offer professional and personal advice!

The fitness center is called My Passion Sport. There are 5 coaches who give a wide range of trainings. Check out their website for training schedules.

The fashion boutique must sound familiar… It’s Imoda shop owned by Dutch showjumper Stefanie van den Brink Stefanie offers professional fashion advice, wonderful clothes and accessories. Perfect spot to find your next outfit. They also have a shop-in-shop by Coco Maison!

If you need to blow off some steam or just want to enjoy some me-time, Sentower Park is situated next to the vast forests and trails of Duinengordel.

Our off-site insider tips;

        Ice-cream from ‘t Zoete or Tievishoeve;
        De Refter for breakfast or brunch;
        Bed and Beyond private spa.