Take time for you – Routine with Stéphanie Haelterman

The equine sport requires a lot from our bodies, I believe everyone can feel me here.
Whether we are amateur or pro riders, if you want to do a proper job it involves hard work and long days.
There is more to it than just the 2 minutes in the show ring.

Summer or winter, our skin is exposed to all kinds of weather conditions amongst other elements min feedback her.
All the more important to commit to a solid skin care routine.

Busy bee and showjumper Stéphanie Haelterman led us the way to some simple tips and tricks!

Stéphanie is not your average 9 to 5 girl. You will find her early in the barn 2 times a week, before leaving to the office.
The other days she will be early at work running in between meetings or on the road seeing clients.
After work, you will find her at corporate events or if the occasion arises Stéphanie takes time to work out and relax with her friends.
Exactly… quite a busy bee.

There is no time for lengthy skin or make-up routines. Yet if you bump into Stéphanie, she always looks splendid! Here’s a little insight in Stéphanie’s routine…

In the morning I will cleanse my skin with micellar water from La Roche Posay.
I apply the Skin Oxygen serum, eye cream and day cream from Biotherm to keep my skin hydrated. For my body I would use Derma Spa body lotion by Dove.
At night I remove all make up and use the night cream by Simple. Once a week I treat myself to a facial mask by Simple and for my hair I then use a mask by Love Beauty Planet.
My favorite shower products would be Shower Mousse by Dove and shampoo/ conditioner by Love Beauty Planet.
As I travel a lot I keep quite an extensive collection of travel size toiletries, which are super handy!



Stephanie’s top 3 products to get through a busy day;

–        Kiehl’s butterstick for lips;

–        Dove hand cream;

–        Kiehl’s Hydro pluming serum.