Stylish pasture fences do not need to be expensive

High-quality fences look stylish and luxurious, making some horse owners wonder whether they would be able to afford one. We can reassure you: our range of products includes nicely finished fences in any price range.
De Sutter Naturally is known for its sustainable, rural fences. However, it is less well known that our range consists of a wide selection of models for any budget. Our entry-level models are not only budget-friendly but also sturdy and reliable, enabling us to provide a 20-year anti-rot warranty on these models as well.

Wire mesh fence from €10.95 per lineal metre.
De Sutter Naturally has one such fence in its range since 2018 This is suitable for a pasture or forest with chickens, sheep, deer or llamas.
The aluminum-zinc alloy wire protects the fence against corrosion for a long time. For the pinewood posts you can choose between round and square pinewood posts that have been optimally saturated.
This budget-friendly fence gives your pasture a beautiful appearance and additionally ensures a safe fence for poultry or small livestock.

Wooden horse fences from €11.95 per metre
Another new addition to our range is a wooden fence with screwed-on boards. This horse fence with a chambered top has a stylish appearance and will last for at least 20 years.
Do you prefer a pasture fence with the perfect finish without any nails or screws? In that case, we have various models on offer in the best quality Scandinavian pine (European redwood).

Top class: tropical hardwood fence from €29.95 per metre
Our showpieces? The pasture fences made of tropical hardwood with the best solidity and the longest lifespan available on the market. We provide no less than 30-year anti-rot guarantee on all our hardwood fences.
We can also really live up to that guarantee: feel free to take a look at the fences we have placed in the past 40 years and judge for yourself how stylish and graceful the wood has withstood the test of time.

source:  Desutter-Naturally