The Meulendijks sisters: Classy at the showground

The Sisters Meulendijks, have made their name in the dressage world. Both Lotte and Anne are celebrated young dressage riders. Time for our team of Equ.Lifestyle to contact these ladies at their home, discovering their ‘style’.

At the showground both Lotte and Anne do catch the eye. Not only their competition results with MDH Avanti, MDH Ohio and Welt Hit make them notice. They express class while being ‘in’. It is a typical Meulendijk fashion.

“We’re very happy with our fashion sponsor. The brand offers both casual as well as competition outfits. But what is more important is they give us our freedom to pick out our own clothes.”

“On the showground we opt for neutral colours. Despite we like to bring some excitement in our wardrobe as well. Adding some fancy summer colours for example.

We don’t like the ‘bling bling’. Everything needs to be functional as well as nice. That is also why we like the taste of our sponsor.

“Quality and functionality are two key words in what we like to describe our style. The brand we wear is feeling comfortable and easy to wear. Really made to fit us,” state the sisters simultaniously. We like to express ourselves with casual yet classy clothers.

The chique-hip is not for us nor our horses. Nevertheless the horse can always be dressed a bit more, be pimped up if you want. He/she is the one in the spotlights.

“I don’t like to use the bont in our horse materials. Certainly not with Avanti. That looks just awfull when I use that,” explains Anne.

Also the helmets stay neutral. At home the ladies wear a black cap. At the showground the helmets remained neutral but there are some little gems (swarovski) added.

“Also for a helmet the functionality and comfort are priority. Those secure your safety and that is what a helmet is designed for.”

Apart from the show ring the sisters enjoy going out. “Although I might be a bit more timide as Anne, “ explains Lotte “I enjoy adding some colour to my outfit. Being honoust though, most colour in my closet is blue with black.”

“We both enjoy following up on the latest fashion trends, but it isn’t our priority. It’s more like a hobby we do whenever we have some time.” And don’t forget, yes we are dressage riders, but as well girly-girls. We enjoy wearing a little skirt or dress for a nice event!

Photos: Chris Coessens for Equ.Lifestyle