De ‘Christmas Equestrian Gift Guide”

Ready for some (belated) Christmas gifts? For every equestrian the Christmas period might be coming a bit later because, yes you guess it … the horses are priority. We collected a nice gift guide :

  1. the Pony App (Var.)

    Control your stable in one app. With this nice project of Lindsey Douglass and Lucy Davis you have a modern and fashionable app on your phone with some nice merchandising…

  2. Horse Motif Cape ( 3 600€ )

    Crafted in felted wool, the La Mania Basti2 cape cuts a clean silhouette with its round neckline, concealed fastenings and A-line shape Embroidered to the back with tube beads arranged in a dramatic horse shape, it brings instant drama to evening dresses.

  3. The Equ.Media clothes (95 euro)

    Nice Equ.News merchandising clothes. Our eye is set on te nice and crafted belt with the logo stamped in it. This high-end leather product is amazing, stylish and timeless.

  4. Diptique Candle Frosted Forest ( 60€ ) 

    Diptique candles are always a good idea! The constellation of the unicorn contains a nebula located at 2600 light-years called the Christmas Tree, the birthplace of sparkling stars. Combined with the green color, embodying harmony and beauty, the unicorn inspired a candle reminiscent of the invigorating scents of the majestic conifers.  Fir needles, Hinoki wood and mint mix intimately to compose the rare aromas of lush frosted forests.

  5. Horse Hair Earrings ( 333€ )

    Helmut Lang, an Australian fashion designer, was inspired by the equestrian industry when he created this piece of art. These silver-tone metal Horse Hair 2004 earrings are a fine example, featuring a logo-engraved cylinder drop that is suspended from a slender hook, and feature long black horse hair tassel ends. The perfect statement accessory to accompany a white shirt. Would you wear them? It seems easy to create a DIY with some hair of your own horse.