Kaley Cuoco: “For the love of equestrian”

The FEI has launched a new digital campaign where the love equestrians have for the sport is portrayed in the most beautiful way.

I’ve watched the trailer over and over again until I realized that the voice sounded familiar. No one less than Kaley Cuoco, most known for her role as Penny in the Big Bang Theory series, lend her voice to this campaign. I’m a big fan of the series and hearing Kaley reminded me that she is a ‘horse girl’ as well.

Cuoco has been riding since she was she was a teenager and now competes in the US. After the BBT series finale was broadcasted Cuoco stated that “she wanted to refocus on her horses and give them the attention they deserve”. “I’m an equestrian, I love horses”, she added, “I’d actually really like to challenge myself a little bit more in that area”.

The actress was a big horseback rider until a serious accident in 2010 left her with two metal bars in her leg. She fell of her horse and got her left leg trampled. After the Big Bang Theory series were done, she however returned to doing what she loves the most: riding horses.


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Reminiscing over old riding videos ? one of the best experiences I’ve ever had @spruce_meadows with this amazing mare Si Bella ❤️ unforgettable!

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